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How Breeders Can Actually Save Dogs

It all lies with the breeders... Recent research suggests that the best time for getting puppies used to new things and people is between 3 and 5 WEEKS.  It can't be emphasised enough how important it is to get it right at this time and behaviourists are only too willing to help breeders to do this.  PLEASE let us help you raise your pups to be the happiest dogs around...

The Breeder's Legacy - Laying The Foundation.doc 

Canine Socialisation and How Humans Muck it Up!

This article talks about how easily humans get the onlead socialisation of their dogs COMPLETELY wrong!

'Ouch! Get Off My Foot!'.doc 

Lead & Distraction Training

Following on from the above onlead socialisation article, this one helps owners to rely less on the lead and more on their relationship with their dog...

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Long Line Training

Most new owners think that long line training is buying a little cord flexilead and letting their dogs charge to the end of it, straining and tugging.


Long line training is the answer to all dog owners who are worried about letting their dogs off lead until they have trained in  the recall...

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Ah, that old chestnut... Or shoe... or remote control... or mobile phone or glove or slipper or brand new handbag!

Look at things through your dog's eyes with this article...

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The Rescue Dog

Adopting a rescue dog is one of the most honourable gestures you can make towards dog-kind.  Read this article to be better prepared for saving a dog's life and making yours a whole lot easier...

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Handling The BIG Dogs

We've all seen them, the dogs who take their owners for a walk because they are on a lovely comfortable harness or collar and short lead.  While today's environment leans towards positive reinforcement (and rightly so!), sometimes a little help is needed when a 7st human is up against a 12st canine...  Don't feel guilty - read this article...

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The Dominance Deception - Name & Shame

 'Dominant' dogs.  What are they?  How is a dog labelled as 'dominant'?  Does 'dominance' mean something different in dogs than it does in humans?  Read this article and make up your OWN mind...  This article was recently published in the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme Newsletter.

 Name & Shame - The Dominance Theory.doc

Helping Your New Dog

This article covers some basic guidelines on how to settle a new dog (whether it's a foster, a visiting dog or a newly adopted one) into your new home.

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